North American Höganäs Facility
Johnstown, PA | 2015

The North American Höganäs Facility in Johnstown, PA came to MAPG to develop a state-of-the art glass protection system for their control room. To mitigate damage caused by a potential blast or high heat situation, MAPG designed and engineered an innovative and cost-effective replacement solution. The new multi-part system ensured the safe side (control room) would be protected from both the pulse/force of the blast, resulting fire and heat, and any shrapnel released from a blast.

For this project we utilized a standard product from Safti First of Brisbane, CA and adapted it for the owner’s specific needs.

Framing system details:

  • GPX 400B Ballistic Series, 120 min. / Level 1 Ballistic steel frame

Glass system details:

  • 1 ½” SuperLite II-XL 120 min. with 5/16″ clear laminated glass
  • Insulated to 1 1/8″ polycarbonate  (Level 3 BR)

Triple-level protection:

  • The polycarbonate can stop any shrapnel from penetrating to the safe side.
  • The laminated glass is able to absorb the blast forces from the explosion.
  • The fire rated glass provides 120 minutes of fire protection.